Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Services

  • Infant Mental Health Team and PIP Provider Directory (2018-2019) PDF
  • Infant Mental Health Strategic Plan PDF
  • New Mexico Infant Team Manual (Jul 2017) PDF
  • New Mexico Parent Infant Psychotherapy Manual (Jul 2017) PDF
  • FY 18-19 Manual (coming soon)

The following tools are specifically created for New Mexico:

  • Clinical Information and Progress (CIAP) PDF
  • DIAPER Instrument PDF
  • Case Tracker (coming soon)

CYFD's Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Services:

  • Target the dyadic relationship between the child and the parent (or primary caregiver).
  • Grounded in attachment theory and the science of brain development; they are relationship-based, developmentally appropriate, and trauma-informed.
  • An array of therapeutic and developmental services designed to reduce both the acute and chronic behavioral, social and emotional disorders and disruptions in the relationship between an infant and parent (or primary caregiver), that are some of the most significant results of toxic stress and major trauma.

Infant Mental Health Teams in New Mexico

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Parent Infant Parent Psychotherapy Services in New Mexico

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For more information on CYFD's Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Services, contact:

Soledad Martinez
(505) 827-4114



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