Licensing & Certification

  • NOTE: For information on child care licensing, please see the Child Care section (part of CYFD's Early Childhood Services).


The Licensing and Certification Authority Bureau (LCA) is part of CYFD's Behavioral Health Services division with offices located in Santa Fe and Las Cruces.

The LCA monitors compliance with state and federal regulations for an array of six children/youth Medicaid behavioral health services operated by in-state Medicaid providers. The LCA’s certification reviews assess compliance with active treatment, quality of care, health and safety, personnel requirements and other service delivery regulatory standards. The LCA also licenses Medicaid facility-based providers as well as non-Medicaid Children’s Crisis Shelters operating in New Mexico.

Types of Facilities the LCA Regulates:

  • Accredited Residential Treatment Services (ARTC)
  • Non-accredited Residential Treatment Services (RTS)
  • Group Home Services (GHS)
  • Treatment Foster Care Services (TFC)
  • Day Treatment Services (DTS)
  • Behavioral Management Services (BMS)
  • Community Shelters
  • Multi-Service Homes
  • New of Innovative Programs

For more information on the Licensing and Certification Authority Bureau, please contact Lillian Rainer at (505) 827-8429 or by email at

If you are seeking information on Child Care Licensing, please see the Child Care section, contact your regional Child Care Licensing office, or contact Early Childhood Services at (505) 827-7499 or 1-800-832-1321 or by email at