Domestic Violence

CYFD-funded domestic violence service providers help more than 10,500 residents affected each year by domestic violence, including survivors, perpetrators, and their children. CYFD works with 46 non-profit and governmental organizations throughout the state to provide shelter and support services to families and individuals in need.

Survivor Services
Domestic Violence Victim Service Providers provide immediate shelter and supportive services for victims of family violence, domestic violence, and dating violence and their dependents.  Supportive services include 24-hour hotlines, crisis intervention, advocacy, individual counseling, support groups, criminal and civil legal advocacy, transitional housing, transportation, specialized services for children, and more.  Their goal is to help families recover from the trauma that arises from enduring violence.

Check here for a list of Survivor Services.

A list of Victim Services Providers coming soon.

Domestic Violence Offender Treatment and Intervention Programs
CYFD approves programs that treat and intervene in the violence and coercive behaviors of perpetrators. Approved Domestic Violence Offender and Treatment Programs (DVOTI) take referrals from New Mexico Courts for people who violate the Crimes Against Household Members Act (NMSA 30-3-10), the Harrassment and Stalking Act (20-3A-3), and the Family Violence Protection Act (40-13-1). These include acts of violence and threats of violence, including stalking. DVOTI programs are 52-weeks in length and include intake, ongoing assessment, and frequent reports back to referring agencies. DVOTI programs provide the tools and resources to help individuals find new ways to be nonviolent. Still, they require the partnership of the courts, probation, and other agents to successfully change perpetrator behavior.

Check here for a list of DVOTI Providers.


For more information on CYFD's Domestic Violence programs, including Offender programs, please contact David River at (505) 795-1645 or For immediate assistance, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.