Children's Capacity Building Project (CCBP)

The Children’s Capacity Building Project (CCBP) is an ongoing effort to enhance the quality and depth of responses to children in domestic violence programs throughout New Mexico. Children’s Capacity Building Project (CCBP) goals are to assist and support children exposed to domestic violence heal from the trauma they have experienced and repair and rebuild the non-abusing/protective parent-child relationship impacted by the abuse. CCBP funding supports dedicated staff within domestic violence service provider organizations who receive specialized training, supervision, and support in trauma-informed services, including Circle of Security and Nurtured Heart Approach, from the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence who implements the program in partnership with the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma, and Mental Health.

Our Children's Advocate provides one on one time with children to safety plan and discusses healthy coping tools when they are feeling down or having to deal with tough situations.

SFY22 Results

People Served:

Children (0-12) 585
Youth (13-17) 182
Non-Abusive Parents 453

Services Delivered:

Individual Counseling Sesssions 4565
Group Sessions 1282
Family Group Sessions  


Hours received by CCBP Staff 1357
Hours delivered by CCBP Staff 1255
Hours of Community Outreach 194
# People Reached through Outreach 4061