Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Intervention (DVOTI)

The Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Intervention (DVOTI) Online Application is available for New Mexico’s Domestic Violence providers. This form allows NM DV providers to share information regarding their treatment facilities and programs. CYFD Domestic Violence Unit ensures and facilitates that these providers are in compliance with the State’s domestic violence statutes and as well compliance with Federal reporting and is on CYFD’s Approved Listing of Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Intervention Programs.



Please fill out the four-part section of the Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Intervention (DVOTI) Online Application. This will take approximately 60 – 90 minutes to complete. Each section contains a series of questions regarding your Domestic Violence Facility, policies and procedures, and staffing.


For a prompt process, please prepare in advance by doing the following:

  • Download the instructions here,
  • Have your DV treatment facility information ready, and
  • Have relevant Policies & Procedures and Supporting Documentation* in PDF format ready for upload in Part 2.


*Documentation: Policies and Procedures, Curriculum, Assessments/Forms, Liability Insurance, Business and Clinician (if applicable) Licenses, Tax Payer Identification Number, Staff Training Certification, etc.


When you are ready, click on Part 1: Program Information. Got questions or experiencing issues? Please send us an e-mail at


Sections To Complete: