Family Nutrition

CYFD's Family Nutrition Bureau administers two USDA Child Nutrition Programs which provide federal funds to participating institutions to initiate and maintain non-profit food service programs for eligible children and adults. The funds provided through these programs help ensure that eligible children and adults receive nutritious meals that meet USDA meal pattern requirements. Institutions which can participate in the programs include: School food authorities, local government entities, private non-profit organizations (such as faith-based organizations, Boys & Girls Clubs and community action agencies), Head Start programs and certain for-profit institutions that meet eligibility requirements.


The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (NM CYFD) announces its intent to request a waiver to the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) meal service time restrictions set forth in the Federal Code of Regulations found at 7CFR, Part 225.16(c)(1-2).

On October 11, 2018, USDA provided guidance regarding the status of nationwide waivers of statutory and regulatory requirements in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) (SFSP 01-2019), Summer Food Service Program Memoranda Rescission. This guidance rescinded many waivers intended to streamline operation of SFSP. 

SFSP is utilized by low-income families who may miss meals in order to take their children to the doctor, apply for or comply with public assistance programs, or take class at the local WIC office. NM CYFD believes this rescission will create inefficiencies and may inhibit Sponsors’ ability to provide access to food for those in need. As a result, NM CYFD is requesting statewide waivers from USDA of the federal regulations listed below.

  • The requirement that three hours must elapse between the beginning of one meal service, including snacks, and the beginning of another, except that four hours must elapse between the service of a lunch and supper when no snack is served between lunch and supper and the requirement that the service of supper may not extend beyond 8 p.m. [7 CFR 225.16(c)(1)]. NM CYFD would continue to require sponsors to establish meal time for each site and provide this information to the agency to allow for effective oversight.  Notwithstanding unanticipated events outside a sponsor’s control, meals must be served within the approved meal service times in order to be claimed for reimbursement and for the cost associated with meals to be covered by SFSP funds. Unanticipated events may include, but are not limited to: late deliveries, bus breakdowns, and traffic delays.

  • The requirement that the duration of meal service shall be limited to two hours for lunch or supper and one hour for all other meals [7 CFR 225.16(c)(2)].

Child and Adult Care Food Program
Through agreements with community-based non-profit organizations and eligible for-profit organizations, the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides reimbursement to childcare providers for nutritious meals and snacks served to primarily low-income children in child care settings. Such settings include child care centers, head start programs, family child care homes, after school programs and emergency shelters. Adult Day Care centers that are licensed and provide care to adults in non-residential settings are also reimbursed through this program for the eligible meals they provide. The program is administered by the Family Nutrition Bureau (FNB) and is 100% federally-funded.

Summer Food Service Program
The Family Nutrition Bureau (FNB) also administers the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), which provides nutritious meals to children during the summer when school is not in session. FNB enters into agreements with local nonprofit sponsoring agencies, local government agencies, faith-based organizations, summer camps, school food authorities and other eligible institutions to administer the SFSP at the local level. To find a Summer Food meal site near you, call 1-800-EAT-COOL, or visit

Nutrition Education Training
Both of the child nutrition programs administered by FNB (the CACFP and SFSP) also include a strong nutrition education and training component, which is provided by the Nutrition Education and Training (NET) staff within the bureau. The NET Section provides training and technical assistance for SFSP and CACFP program sponsors that helps providers not only meet the minimum standards for participation in the food programs, but also to improve the quality of the meals served to the children in their care. The NET staff serve as a resource for quality nutrition education tools, and provide guidance to child care providers across the state. This Nutrition Education component is unique to New Mexico, and helps teach skills and healthy habits that will last a lifetime – long after the child is out of the day care setting.

For more information on CYFD's Family Nutrition program, please call (505) 841-4856 (in Albuquerque) or (505) 827-9961 (in Santa Fe).