Foster Care

Are you ready to see things from the child's point of view?A child in foster care misses her mom and dad and doesn't have the words to tell you how she feels. Can you see that when she is pushing away she desperately needs you? Can you see it from her point of view?

Foster a New Mexico Youth
As a foster parent with the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD), you can help a child by providing a safe home. You can give them hope for the future by providing the care, love and guidance they need to succeed in life.

As a CYFD foster parent, you provide safety and nurturance to children who cannot live at home with their families because it is not a safe place for them. Foster parents open their homes and their hearts to children in custody by allowing them to feel safe, grow and learn in a family setting. Foster parents encourage children in their home to remain connected to their religion, culture and community. Foster parents can be a part of a child’s life even after they have returned home, if they choose to and the child and family are willing.

Each year about 100 youth emancipate from the foster care system without a family. Are you ready to be a family? Be a foster parent for a young person.

Choose the Type of Foster Care You Provide
As a foster parent, you choose the age, gender, ethnicity and needs level of the children you would like to care for in your home.

  • Regular foster care is day-to-day care.
  • Specialized foster care is day-to-day care for children who require extra time and attention due to a medical, behavioral or emotional problem.
  • Respite foster care provides short term foster care for children placed primarily in another foster home.

CYFD Provides Support
Foster parents are reimbursed for some of the expenses incurred while providing care to children placed in their home. Children in custody receive complete medical coverage. They are also eligible for child care services.

A child's trust is a treasure. Years of broken promises shatter a child's ability to trust. Can you be there for the long haul? Can you keep your promise? Be a foster parent.

  • A permanent, stable, loving family.
  • The security of a “forever” home.
  • An opportunity for a child to develop self-esteem and become a successful adult.

When You Partner With CYFD
In about four to six months, you might qualify to become a foster parent if you are:

  • 18 or older
  • Healthy
  • Pass a fingerprint federal and state criminal record check
  • A New Mexico resident
  • Willing to attend 32 hours of free training
  • Willing to participate in a free home study
  • Committed to caring for children
  • Single or married

Are you ready to keep a promise?

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Note: Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) has ceased offering the non-relative Adoption Only program. CYFD does continue to offer the Foster Care program. The Foster Care Program differs in that that the goal of the program is to ultimately reunite the child with their biological parent while the child is in your care for approximately a year. Should you become a Foster Parent it is also a possibility that the children that you foster may become available for adoption.


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