CYFD Announces Employee Awards


SANTA FE – Eight outstanding employees of the Children, Youth and Families Department have recently been honored with employee recognition awards as announced by their respective division directors and Cabinet Secretary Dorian Dodson.

The honorees are Jeanette Martinez, Fred Padilla and Stephen Suazo from Early Childhood Services (ECS); Carol Gonzales from Protective Services (PS); Kathleen Campbell, Alfredo Castillo and Gary Guillen from Juvenile Justice Services (JJS); and Dianna Padilla from Administrative Services (AS).

Martinez and Fred Padilla, who serve in the Office of Child Development, were jointly recognized as ECS’s Team of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2009. The duo teamed up and went out of their way to ensure that a PreK family child care provider received a reimbursement check that was being counted on for Christmas gifts and travel to visit family out of state. The check would otherwise not have arrived in time to help the provider in her time of need.

Suazo, an eligibility interviewer in Albuquerque, was named the ECS Employee of the Month for December. He is recognized for the pride he takes in his work, his teamwork and his focus on providing clients with quick and accurate services.

A CYFD employee for more than 20 years, Gonzales is an investigation supervisor in Clovis and was named the PS Employee of the Month for December. Her dedication to CYFD and her clients and staff have been demonstrated by her willingness to cover other duties due to vacancies, her communication skills that help foster cooperation and positive attitudes, and her outstanding relationships with the Clovis School District and Clovis Police Department.

JJS recognized three Employees of the Month for December. Campbell, a teacher at Camino Nuevo’s Foothill High School for 10 years, is noted for her passion for teaching and making a positive difference in her students’ lives. Her enthusiasm for her work has at times led her to provide her students with supplies paid for out of her own pocket. Castillo is a program manager at Carlsbad Reintegration Center, where he has served for 24 years. He is recognized for his strong work ethic, professionalism and dedication which have seem him cover extra shifts as a result of vacancies. Guillen, a medical records technician, is commended for his problem-solving skills and sense of teamwork in helping fellow staff with computer and printer issues while, at the same time, fulfilling medical records requests in a timely and accurate fashion.

Dianna Padilla, a integral part of CYFD’s Contract Support Unit, was named the AS Employee of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2009. She is commended for her efficiency and attention to details even at the height of contract season and is recognized for her work ethic and tremendous efforts both with her own duties and in helping others.