CYFD Announces Employees of the Month for September


SANTA FE – New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department, Cabinet Secretary Bill Dunbar and CYFD’s respective division directors have recognized four outstanding staff members as Employees of the Month for September 2010.

The four honorees are Kimberly Brown from Early Childhood Services (ECS), Yvonne Meade from Protective Services (PS), and Dorothy Martinez and Loretta Swihart from Juvenile Justice Services (JJS).

Brown is a child care licensing supervisor in Albuquerque and an employee of CYFD for more than six years. She is recognized for taking the lead on several child care licensing procedural changes and is described as a caring, patient and compassionate individual and a strong and stable leader. She is also noted for her attention to detail, accessibility to those in need and her positive attitude in an environment that often can be negative.

Meade, an investigations senior worker in the Albuquerque West office, has gone above and beyond in a statewide call for PS workers to close out backlogged cases. In July through September, she worked diligently and relentlessly to close out 105 cases while maintaining her attention to current and incoming cases. Her efforts brought closure to many families involved with PS and significantly reduced the backlog in her unit and office.

Martinez, a 25-year state employee, serves as a teacher in the JJS system in Albuquerque. She is recognized for her efforts with a greenhouse project at the Albuquerque Juvenile Reintegration Center, spending her own money when funding was not available to ensure all the needed items were purchased. She is commended for her commitment and dedication to CYFD and helping its clients further their education.

Swihart recently retired after 20 years of state service. She was highly regarded as a youth care specialist at the Albuquerque Boys’ Center where she consistently performed her duties above and beyond expectations. Her commitment to the clients in her unit was demonstrated by her volunteering to bake cakes or cookies for each client’s birthday and going out of her way to make each client feel special and cared for.