CYFD Employees of the Month Announced


SANTA FE – The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) and Cabinet Secretary Dorian Dodson are pleased to announce the naming of seven outstanding employees as their respective divisions’ Employees of the Month for February 2010.

The seven honorees are Racheal Vasquez of Early Childhood Services (ECS); Michelle Duran of Protective Services (PS); and Susan Conway, Christopher Fernandez, Tammie Gutierrez, Shawntay Humphrey, and Lucinda Sedillo of Juvenile Justice Services (JJS).

Racheal Vasquez is a child care eligibility interviewer in Albuquerque and has been a CYFD employee for more than 14 years. Recognized for her professionalism and efficiency, Vasquez recently went above and beyond to cover a co-worker’s duties while the co-worker was out for an extended time, thus ensuring no interruption in client service and a smooth transition upon her fellow employee’s return.

Michelle Duran, a client service agent in Santa Fe, is honored for her efforts and care of a severely abused child who came into PS custody. She spent up to four hours daily at an Albuquerque hospital visiting with the child and assisting in physical therapy in hopes of helping the child walk again. Her commitment and efforts were noted by hospital officials who said the child’s attitude greatly improved with her visits.

Susan Conway is a youth care specialist lead worker at the Albuquerque Boys’ Center. Her above-and-beyond efforts demonstrating her commitment to her co-workers and clients include mentoring a new hire and providing support for the development of a training program, modifying her work schedule to meet the transportation and educational needs of clients, and volunteering for additional responsibilities when needed.

Christopher Fernandez is a JJS data/FACTS analyst based in Albuquerque. He is credited with developing a new solution for distributing, managing and cataloguing data reports and analyses and helping to test and implement the project. His efforts benefit CYFD facility and field managers, superintendents, chiefs and supervisors by making accurate and timely information much more accessible.

Tammie Gutierrez, a youth care specialist at Las Cruces’ J. Paul Taylor Center, is noted for going above and beyond in her job duties to assist co-workers and provide support to clients in tough situations. She is recognized by her supervisor as a dedicated employee who continues to grow in a positive direction in her job performance.

Shawntay Humphrey, a youth care specialist at Camino Nuevo Youth Center in Albuquerque, is recognized for her success in dealing with a female client who is referred to as the “most challenging” that JJS has ever encountered. Humphrey built a rapport with the client and assisted in a successful Supervised Release Deferment which included escorting her to attend college courses. Her efforts and those of fellow staff members have given the client a fighting chance to success in life.

Lucinda Sedillo, a youth care specialist at Albuquerque’s Youth Diagnostic and Development Center, also shares Employee-of-the-Month honors for JJS for demonstrating an ability to establish rapport with cilents and having a balanced perspective in advocating for appropriate care. She is also noted for going above and beyond in her job duties, having a positive attitude and treating clients with respect and compassion.