CYFD Passes Federal Child Welfare Audit


SANTA FE -- Every three years the federal government audits each state’s compliance with IV-E regulations. Title IV-E is the federal program supporting the child welfare program in all state. These audits ensure that states are certifying eligibility of children correctly, and that all payments for which the states are receiving IV-E reimbursement are in compliance with federal regulations and standards. The federal team partners with the state team to review a random sample of 80 cases of children that received an IV-E reimbursement during the period under review. A state can have up to four error cases and still pass the audit.

An error case is a case where IV-E reimbursement is claimed for a child that is ineligible to receive IV-E reimbursement. The audit also evaluates if ineligible payments were reimbursed through federal IV-E funding. Ineligible payments do not necessarily cause a case to be an error case. States are then required to repay the ineligible payments to the federal government. If a state has more than four error cases, the state is required to enter into a Program Improvement Plan (PIP), to repay the amount of IV-E funds reimbursed on the ineligible cases, and will be scheduled for an additional IV-E audit two years later with a sample of one hundred and fifty cases. If the PIP is not passed, penalties can be assessed by the federal government.

CYFD hosted the ACF team and was audited July 27-July 30, 2009, and passed the audit. Of the 80 cases reviewed, there was only one error case, and minimal ineligible payments totaling less than $5000 will have to be repaid. This is a major achievement. New Mexico’s next IV-E review will be in 2012. CYFD will not be required to enter into a PIP to improve performance.

In other recent CYFD news:

  • CYFD received the federal Family Violence Prevention Services Act (FVPSA) grant award for federal FY09 of $971,718. The application is now under a three-year cycle; however, CYFD will need to provide an update to the application that includes a State Plan for addressing domestic violence. CYFD is consulting with DV Czar Sharon Pino about the opportunity to involve the DV Leadership Commission in assisting with the development of the plan. In addition, under the grant award, FVPSA has adopted the survivor confidentiality mandates under Violence Against Women Act of 2005.