CYFD Recognized for Innovation in Behavioral Health


SANTA FE -- CYFD has been recognized by the State Associations of Addiction Services (SAAS) and NIATx (NIATx is part of the University of Wisconsin–Madison's Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies (CHESS)) at their annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio as a winner in the 2010 Innovation in Behavioral Health Services Awards. CYFD was one of eight winners for this award, which highlights innovations in process improvement practices that position an organization to meet the challenges of future service delivery.

The award specifically recognizes work by the Juvenile Justice Division Data Analysts, and Youth and Family Services Community Behavioral Health Clinicians (CBHC) to create a behavioral health case management tracking program, which assists clinical staff working with the juvenile justice population. This web-based behavioral health tracking program integrates work processes into the software, offers collaboration between service providers, enhances reporting functions, and provides timely and accurate data for consistent decision-making. CYFD contracted with ADE Incorporated (Clarkston, Michigan) to customize existing web-based services to meet the needs of the New Mexico juvenile justice system. The resulting service provides 1) coordination and unification of service delivery; 2) accessibility of data to the various stakeholders providing youth services and information; 3) real-time monitoring of activities; 4) complete tracking of behavioral health information on juveniles in the juvenile justice system; 5) customizability; 6) ease of use; and, 7) cost effectiveness.

This program is housed within the Juvenile Justice Services Division, but serves both Juvenile Justice and Youth and Family Services Divisions. Judith Harmon, Senior Data Analyst and contract manager from the Juvenile Justice Services Division, accepted the Innovation Award on behalf of CYFD. In addition to attending an awards luncheon, Ms. Harmon and other award winners attended a private breakfast sponsored by SAMHSA, and met with SAMHSA’s Administrator Pam Hyde. Ms. Harmon participated in a workshop with other award winners, describing information about the behavioral health tracking program, and participated in a poster session. Other members of the Data Analysis Unit are Dan W. Hall, Bureau Chief; Dr. Katherine Courtney, Research Epidemiologist; and, John Barela, Senior Data Analyst.