CYFD’s Employees of the Month for March Announced


Seven outstanding staff members have been named Employees of the Month for March 2009 by the Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) and Cabinet Secretary Dorian Dodson.

The honorees are Cheri Frietze from Early Childhood Services (ECS), Esther Freeman and Marjorie Tafoya from Protective Services (PS), and Tracy Dugie, Glenn Lively, Barbara Martinez and Linda Sandoval from Juvenile Justice Services (JJS).

Frietze is a child care regional manager for the Child Care Services Bureau in Las Cruces. A state employee for more than 25 years, she currently oversees the child care licensing and assistance programs in southwestern New Mexico.

Freeman, a Title IV-E specialist, is noted for her expertise in the Title IV-E and Medicaid unit. She serves as a liaison between her unit and the department’s FACTS unit and is commended for providing excellent customer service.

Tafoya, who previously served as a PS county office manager for more than 25 years, is currently the placement specialist for San Juan County. The myriad of duties she has taken on include facilitating family team meetings, making home visits to foster homes, conducting relative initial assessments, conducting counseling and serving as a CORE trainer.

Dugie, who works in the JJS FACTS unit, is credited with training and assessment efforts which resulted in record-high juvenile probation and parole office (JPPO) narrative completion rates in 2009. Her one-on-one meetings with JPPO workers to determine weaknesses in data collection and entry have led to a noticeable improvement in the quality of FACTS data in offices throughout the state.

Livey, a youth care specialist at the John Paul Taylor Center in Las Cruces, is recognized for his work and supervision of a living unit which voluntarily took on the challenge for the pilot project for Cambiar New Mexico.

Martinez is a youth care specialist lead worker at the Youth Diagnostic and Development Center in Albuquerque. She is noted for her attention to detail, enthusiasm and dedication while taking on additional duties.

Another youth care specialist honoree, Sandoval has been a valued member of the team at the Albuquerque Girls Residential Center for many years. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication have been evidenced by her willingness to take on additional responsibilities which resulted from recent staffing issues and, while doing so, maintaining a smooth transition and positive environment for clients.