Postponement of Notice Public Rule Hearing


Due to Executive Order 2020-004 Issued by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department hereby gives notice as required under Section 14 - 4 - 5.2 NMSA 1978 and NMAC that it proposes to adopt amendments to the following rules regarding CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES GENERAL PROVISIONS GOVERNING BACKGROUND CHECKS AND EMPLOYMENT HISTORY VERIFICATION as authorized by Section 9-2A-7 NMSA 1978: NMAC - OBJECTIVE NMAC - COMPLIANCE

No technical scientific information was consulted in drafting these proposed rules.

Purpose of proposed rules:  The purpose of the rules is to amend the background check requirements under 8.8.3 NMAC to comply with federal regulations for applicants required to obtain background checks pursuant to 8.16.2 NMAC and 8.17.2 NMAC.  All prospective and existing staff (hired after October 1, 2016) will be required to obtain an inter-state criminal repository check in states where they resided during the preceding five years.  In addition, language is added in NMAC Compliance to clarify the requirement of both a screen of abuse and neglect (currently listed under NMAC Objective) and an inter-state criminal repository check in each state where the applicant resided during the preceding five years.

Copies of the proposed rules may be found at end of this notice and at CYFD’s website at or may be obtained from the Early Childhood Education Care Department’s Office, 1120 Paseo De Peralta Room 205, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 30 days prior to the Public Hearing.

Notice of public rule hearing:  CYFD is postponing the public rule hearing set for Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. in Apodaca Hall, 1120 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502.  The public hearing will be conducted in a fair and equitable manner by a CYFD agency representative or hearing officer and shall be recorded.  Any interested member of the public may attend the hearing and will be provided a reasonable opportunity to offer public comment, either orally or in writing, including presentation of data, views, or arguments, on the proposed rules during the hearing.  Individuals with disabilities who need any form of auxiliary aid to attend or participate in the public hearing are asked to contact Debra Gonzales at  CYFD will make every effort to accommodate all reasonable requests, but cannot guarantee accommodation of a request that is not received at least ten calendar days before the scheduled hearing.

Notice of acceptance of written public comment:  Written public comment, including presentation of data, views, or arguments about the proposed rules, from any interested member of the public, may also be submitted via email to with the subject line “8.8.3 NMAC Public Comment,” via first class mail to P.O. Drawer 5160, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502 – 5160 or by hand delivery to Kimberly Brown, Child Care Services Bureau, Children, Youth and Families Department.  The comment period ends at the conclusion of the public hearing on March 17, 2020.