Tips To Keep Your Family Safe At Home This Summer

By Charlie Moore-Pabst


With school out for many New Mexico children, parents are often left with questions on whether it’s appropriate to leave children at home during the summer months while they are at work.

Children, Youth & Families Department (CYFD) caseworker Schalicia Degase joined Truth or Consequences Police Chief Randall Aragon on KCHS Radio, The Voice of Sierra County and Spaceport America, to help parents decide when their children are self-sufficient enough to spend time on their own. She also provides useful tips on keeping your children safe when you are not around.

Click here to download and listen to the radio show.

On the May 27, 2019 episode of “The Chief’s Update,” Schalicia also spoke about how she works side-by-side law enforcement in Sierra County to ensure the safety of our children. She explained what it means when she is called to a scene and the steps taken by police and CYFD to ensure the safety of the child in question.

The Chief’s Update runs on KCHS FM 101.9 several times during the week: Tuesday at 10 AM, Wednesdays at noon, and Thursdays at 5 PM. The show is also posted on the department’s Facebook page.