VisionQuest application for licensing for migrant shelter denied

For Immediate Release: Charlie Moore-Pabst, Deputy Public Information Officer


SANTA FE – The Children, Youth & Families Department announced Tuesday that VisionQuest, awarded a $2.9 million federal grant to start and operate a group shelter for unaccompanied migrant children in Albuquerque, has been formally denied a license by the department’s Licensing and Certification Authority Bureau.

The company initially informed CYFD of its intent to open and applied for initial licensing in August. The department denied the license request based on NMAC D and F.                     GROUNDS FOR REVOCATION, SUSPENSION OF LICENSE, DENIAL OF INITIAL OR RENEWAL APPLICATION FOR LICENSE, OR IMPOSITION OF SANCTIONS:  A license may be revoked or suspended, an initial or renewal application for license may be denied, or sanctions may be imposed after notice and opportunity for a hearing, for any of the following:  

D.        Purposeful or intentional misrepresentation(s) or falsification(s) of any information on application forms or other documents provided to the Licensing Authority.

F.        Presence of and or a history of licensure revocation, suspension, denial, other similar disciplinary actions taken by regulatory bodies within this state, or other states regardless of whether any of these actions resulted in a settlement.

An informal resolution conference was requested by VisionQuest and held on October 4th. In that conference, CYFD informed VisionQuest that the initial denial based on the license revocation of another facility remained sufficient grounds to deny the license. The company was given 10 days to inform the department’s Licensing and Certification Authority Bureau (as outlined in NMAC of their decision to request a public hearing.

The company informed the department’s Licensing and Certification Authority Bureau that they will not be requesting a public hearing.

The license denial is considered final and the department considers the matter resolved.

The shelter grant was awarded by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.


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