“Youth, Brains and Alcohol” Video to be Shown


SANTA FE -- "Youth, Brains and Alcohol” is a 30-minute documentary and media campaign that has been developed for parents, educators, and middle and high school students throughout New Mexico. It explores the dangerous affects of alcohol and binge drinking on brain development and decision making, particularly during adolescence.

New Mexico has the highest rate of youth in the nation who begin drinking before the age of 13. Over the past decade, research has indicated that human brains continue to grow well into the mid-20s. As a result, when alcohol is introduced into brains that are not fully developed the consequences can be profound and long-lasting.

This documentary and its subsequent airings across New Mexico will give parents and students tools to help them make healthy decisions when faced with underage drinking. This 30-minute documentary along with a 30-minute live community conversation phone-in program will be premiered in fall of 2011, just as the new school year is beginning.