New Mexico PreK

The New Mexico Pre-Kindergarten (PreK) Initiative prepares four-year-old children for success in school through funding from two agencies, CYFD and the State Public Education Department (PED). PreK begins to close the achievement gap between students and helps meet the vision of a seamless education system that begins in pre-kindergarten and continues through higher education.

Studies show that PreK is having significant, positive effects on children's learning in the areas of language, literacy, and math skills. Children who attend PreK enter kindergarten knowing more letters, more letter-sound associations and heightened familiarity with words and book concepts.

Since New Mexico PreK was initiated in Fiscal Year 2006, PreK has served approximately 3,600 children throughout New Mexico through CYFD, and about the same number through PED.

For more information on PreK, please call (505) 827-7946.

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