Protective Services Desktop Report

The Children, Youth & Families Department produces a monthly Desktop Report that provides data on key performance measures and other indicators related to the work of the Department’s Protective Services Division. The Desktop Report includes data from the previous 13 months and is updated Monthly. It is designed to enable the Department and the individual county offices to identify changes in indicators and guide them in making appropriate, data-driven decisions.

The Desktop Report is divided into three sections:

  • Statewide Data
  • County-level Data
  • Notes on the Data

The Notes on the Data section is a comprehensive explanation of how each performance metric is measured. Information contained in the Desktop Report is public.  The Children, Youth & Families Department publishes the most recent report and maintains archived reports for the public to view.

Data for the Desktop Report are prepared through the collaborative efforts of the Cross-Divisional Data Units of the Performance and Accountability Division and the Information Technology Services of Children, Youth and Families.

Note: Due to variations in the data production run dates used for data reporting, information in the reports may vary from that previously reported, and any errors in the data may be corrected in the new month’s issuance.