Juvenile Reintegration Centers

The Juvenile Reintegration Centers (JRCs) provide a safe environment in a group home setting for clients on Supervised Release and Probation. The JRCs collaborate with CYFD and community team members to provide clients with programming and services. JRCs assist clients in developing individualized plans to focus on their specific needs and goals to promote healthy life choices.

Programming to develop and support life skills may include:

Daily Living (sobriety and relapse prevention planning),
Self-Care (personal hygiene and coping mechanisms),
Housing, Money Management, and Transportation (independent living),
Employment and job readiness,
Relationships and Communication (healthy relationships, boundaries, conflict resolution, parenting),
Community Engagement,
Career and Education Planning, and
Future Planning.

Eagle Nest Reintegration Center
Program Manager, Frank Cortez (575) 252-3444

Albuquerque Boys Reintegration Center
Program Manager, Felix Chavez (505) 331-0041

Albuquerque Girls Reintegration Center
Program Manager, Tina Garcia (505) 629-7355

Superintendent for Reintegration Centers
Adam Cordova (575) 915-8436