JJS Special Programs

In August 2013, the Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) implemented a reorganization which aligned the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, Juvenile Community Corrections, Detention Compliance Certification, and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Units under the umbrella of the Special Programs Unit. This unit falls under the Juvenile Justice/Field Services Division of CYFD.

Special Programs Staff
JJS Special Programs Manager
(505) 709-8453  
Bill Kearney
Grant Management Unit Manager
(505) 469-5325 william.kearney@state.nm.us
Cindy Varela
Grant Manager
(505) 629-3223


Consuelo Garcia
Grant Manager
(505) 470-7494 consuelo.garcia1@state.nm.us
Louis Pacias
JCC Program Manager
(505) 660-3405 louis.pacias@state.nm.us
Patti Vowell
JDAI Coordinator
(505) 231-3489 patti.vowell@state.nm.us
Steven Brooks
Statewide DMC Coordinator
(505) 670-5708


Samantha Lucas
Detention Compliance Monitor
(505) 490-1067 samantha.lucas@state.nm.us
Amanda Gray
Operations Research Analyst
(505) 470-7121 amanda.gray@state.nm.us
Kim Robinson
Executive Secretary
(505) 309-2905 kim.robinson@state.nm.us