Volunteer Services Overview

Contractors, volunteers, and student interns can make a big change in a young person’s life by supporting CYFD’s mission and serving clients. Contractors and volunteers provide a variety of appropriate services and programming to JJS clients and facilities. Contractors, volunteers, and student interns may help clients feel accepted, bring community role models into facilities, and provide learning opportunities for employees and clients.

Additionally, contractors, volunteers, and student interns may help educate the larger community about juvenile justice and serve as advocates for CYFD.

Do you have a skill or experience that can benefit others?
Are you ready to make an investment in the future?

Fill out a Volunteer Application.

For more information, contact Misty Williams at (505) 660-8764 or misty.williams@state.nm.us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I volunteer? The Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) has three secure facilities:
  • Camino Nuevo Youth Center (CNYC) in Albuquerque
  • John Paul Taylor Center (JPTC) in Las Cruces
  • Youth Development and Diagnostic Center (YDDC) in Albuquerque

Secure facilities are similar to detention centers. CNYC and JPTC house only male clients. CNYC, houses male and female clients.

The CYFD also has three reintegration centers:

  • Albuquerque Boys Reintegration Center (ABRC)
  • Albuquerque Girls Reintegration Center (AGRC)
  • Eagle Nest Reintegration Center (ENRC)

Reintegration Centers are similar to group homes. ABRC and ENRC house only male clients. AGRC houses only female clients.

What are the clients like? Our clients are from all different parts of New Mexico. They range in age from 14 to 21 years old. They are young people charged with a crime and committed to a CYFD facility by a judge. Their commitment terms can be for 6 months, one year, two years, or in some cases up to age 21.

Is there a minimum age for volunteers? Yes. JJS Volunteers are 18 years of age or older; exceptions may be made for groups and special events.

Will I have to do a background check? Yes. CYFD completes background checks, including fingerprints.

Do I have to have special training to be a volunteer? ? No. If you are ready to help and make a difference for our young people, we will provide all the training you need.

What training do you provide for volunteers? As a new volunteer, you will learn about CYFD at facility orientation and through online training. All volunteers complete a training on the federal guidelines of Prison Rape Elimination Act. We offer facility orientations on a regular basis. Other trainings are completed from home or wherever is the most convenient for you.

Is there any reimbursement for volunteers? No. We are grateful for your time and efforts, but we do not provide reimbursement for mileage, time, supplies, etc.

Do I have to bring a curriculum or will there be activities arranged for me? Not necessarily. CYFD focuses on activities that will help our clients be more prepared for reintegration to their community, such as life skills, sobriety, and wellness. The Volunteer Coordinator and facility staff will work with you on program content and schedule. Your program may also change over time, as your interests and the clients’ needs change.

What is the time commitment for a volunteer? There is no minimum time commitment. We are happy to have volunteers give their time, and work with many different schedules. Some of our volunteers come in once a month, others volunteer for an hour every week. We will ask you up front what you are able to do and determine if this works with the facility’s schedule. If you are volunteering through one of our community partners, that organization may have specific volunteer requirements.

How do I get started? Right here. Right now! Simply fill out the Volunteer Application (see above) on our website and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator at misty.williams@state.nm.us. If you aren’t ready to fill out the application, but have an interest in volunteering, please contact Misty Williams with your questions at 505-660-8764.